Rarangi o nga hua ma te waitohu TS2 Satellite

Kete Ohotata 9505A Hangaia e te US - Ka Utuhia (Solio & Pelican Open Market)
2027.82 $
Ko te Solio & Pelican Open Market Emergency Kit 9505A US Made – Post Paid Ko te kete whakarite ohorere tino pai mo tetahi kaainga, waahi mahi ranei. He rawaka nga taonga hei pupuri i te whanau katoa kia noho haumaru me te noho humarie i te wa ohorere, tae atu ki te wai inu, nga taonga awhina tuatahi, nga paraikete, te reo irirangi pukoro, me etahi atu mea e tika ana. Ko te kete he mea hanga mai i te US, a ko te utu i muri i te utu ka waiho hei whiringa utu mo tetahi tahua.
Kete Ohotata 9505A Hangaia e te US - Utu-mua (Solio & Pelican Open Market)
2027.82 $
This Emergency Kit 9505A US Made by Solio & Pelican is the perfect pre-prepared solution for any emergency need. It includes a SOLIO Tesla rechargeable torch, a Pelican stringer first aid kit, and 6' of USA made 500lb paracord. Perfect for camping, hiking, home, and auto emergency needs. Easy to pack, store, and deploy in minutes. Get your emergency needs covered now with this top of the line emergency kit.
Kete ohorere mo te 9555 - Karekau he kaari SIM/Kaihoko Tiariari
1585 $
This Emergency Kit for 9555 is the perfect solution for existing customers who need a SIM card. It contains a SIM card with all the necessary identification documents and instructions. With it, you can quickly and easily set up your new device in no time. The kit also includes a range of helpful tools to ensure a speedy and smooth transition. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience that this Emergency Kit provides.
Kete Ohotata mo te 9555 - Karekau he Kaitiaki Solar
1585 $
This product is an essential emergency kit for 9555 Model phones that do not come with a solar charger. This kit comes with a rugged storage case with everything needed to keep your phone powered in case of emergencies. It includes a solar panel charger, a spare battery, several cell phone adapters and charging cables, as well as a USB cable and charger. This kit ensures that you're always prepared and never without a working phone when you need it most.
Kete Ohotata mo 9555 - Ratonga Whai Utu
1585 $
The Emergency Kit for 9555 - Post Paid Service is an essential addition to any 9555 service plan. This kit includes a durable, waterproof carrying case and all the supplies necessary to repair and maintain your 9555 post paid devices in an emergency. Features include: an assortment of spare parts, an emergency toolset, a testing module, and a repair manual. With the Emergency Kit for 9555 - Post Paid Service, you'll be ready for any emergency.
Kete ohorere mo te 9555 - Ratonga Tomua Utu
1585 $
This emergency kit for 9555 Pre-Paid Service offers peace of mind by allowing you to prepare for and respond to unexpected situations. This kit includes all the necessary tools and components to keep your 9555 Pre-Paid Service running and working in the event of an emergency. With a backup battery, signal booster, electrical components and manual, you can be prepared for any situation.
Kete Ohotata mo 9575 - Ratonga Whai Utu
1585 $
The Emergency Kit for 9575- Post Paid Service is an essential addition to your home or business emergency supplies. This kit is designed to help you in the event of a power failure, damage, or other emergency situation. The kit includes batteries, smoke detector, key meter, self test GFCI, and other tools and supplies to help you prepare for any type of emergency. With the Emergency Kit for 9575- Post Paid Service, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the necessary tools to stay safe and secure in any situation.
Kete ohorere mo te 9575 - Ratonga Tomua Utu
1585 $
This Emergency Kit for 9575 – Pre Paid Service is a must-have for any vehicle owner. The kit provides essential items for use in a variety of emergency road and off-road scenarios. It contains items such as a safety triangle and reflective warning vest for roadside hazards, a tire pressure gauge and puncture repair kit for roadside repairs, a tow rope, duct tape, and more. All items are packed securely within a handy canvas zip bag, allowing for easy storage in your vehicle. With this Emergency Kit, you'll be prepared to tackle any off-road situation.
4258.68 $
The Citadel Comcenter II Outdoor Solution is a reliable and robust communications solution from Iridium. It provides powerful and secure voice, messaging, and data services for applications used in harsh and remote environments. This system is designed to resist extreme weather conditions and is ideal for use in agricultural, land surveying, construction sites, remote planning, and more. The Comcenter II Outdoor Solution offers superior durability and efficiency with extended signal coverage. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily configure and manage the system from any location without difficulty.